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There are two parts to your vehicle’s inspection.

Vehicle Safety Inspection

The vehicle inspection can be performed at any of the 7,500 licensed inspection stations throughout the state.

Exemptions, the following vehicle types do not need a Safety Inspection:

Vehicles 35 years old, or older
On-Board Diagnostic (OBD) Emissions Inspection

North Carolina is fighting ozone-forming emissions from gasoline-operated cars and light duty trucks. Inspections are conducted using the vehicle’s On-Board Diagnostic (OBD) system, computerized equipment installed on all new vehicles since 1996.

Exemptions, the following vehicle types do not need an OBD Emissions Inspection:

Vehicles 35 years old, or older
Model 1995 vehicles, or older
Diesel-operated vehicles
Vehicles licensed under the farmer rate

Diagnostic Services

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Performance Upgrades

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Pricing Table

General Pricing information. Prices are subject to change so please call ahead if you have any questions.

Prices are subject to Change.

Tire Service
New Tires Ask for price
Used Tires (Includes Mount & Balance)  $ 45
Tire Rotation  $ 20
Tire Rotation with Oil Change  $ 15
Mount Balance  $ 20 per tire
Alignment  $65
Tire Plug  $ 15
Patch  $ 20
Brake Service
Standard Pads  $ 96
Gold Pads  $ 130
Ceramic Pad  $ 200 & up
Oil Change
Proline Oil and Filter ( Includes Oil Disposal fee +tax up to 5 gl of oil $28
Special Oil Filter  $ 6- $15 ex. BMW
Synthetic Oil  $ 59- $110
State Inspection
Emission 96& Newer   $30
Safety 95 & Older  $ 13.60
Window Tint Test  $ 10
Head Light $ 20
Bulbs  $ 8
Wipers  $ 12 each